His Master's Voice Grammaphone from my Christmas story

Hi Guys,
Out of curiosity, I decided to look for a replica of my HIS MASTER’S VOICE [HMV] grammaphone won at my grandparents’ Christmas party of my childhood in Zanzibar, on the Internet.

Well here it is. I found it. I just can’t believe it. Was it a toy or the real thing? My grandfather had the biggest toy and confectionery shop in East Africa until the war stopped all imports from Britain, I’m told, and the Toy/Confectionary Shop was closed down by my grandfather.

HMV GRAMMAPHONE.......Isn’t she a beauty?

This gem, with records to boot had caught my eye and everybody knew it. So my wonderful grandparents and aunts and uncle, knowing my heart’s desire, made sure I won it at their Christmas party for invited friends and their children. Rather than sell his toys for a song, my grandfather chose to give them away to the children of their friends that year via a mega Christmas Party, when I was a little tyke.

I remember the exact moment when my number was called. I heard it ....number 6.... number 6....that number was emblazoned on my mind forever.....[I was too little to know better.....] but I didn’t think I had won, and then my aunt Dolly came to get me with my lucky number because I was not paying attention to the draw. You cannot imagine my joy at winning this treasure. I was the proudest and happiest girl in all the world that evening.
I simply must share it with you post-haste. Right?

Isn’t it a beauty? I simply loved it, as a child, and I spent many hours listening to the records that came with it. That’s when Daddy bought me a record of Bach-Gounod’s Ave Maria, and Agnus Dei, and had me memorize them. In later years I sang the Ave Maria at many a wedding, and even taught it to my choir children......and now my Anna Marie sings it too, like an angel. I’m hoping my grandchildren will do the same for they have beautiful voices.

If you asked me, there are Two things I’d like to have from my memories of yore....
1... a small Casuarina...Mavinje Christmas tree; and 2... my HMV grammaphone. Ha.

I am overwhelmed by this find.

Lots of love amidst tears of joy.


Ps.... a few years ago, I came across this wind-up grammaphone  music box that plays the theme from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I couldn’t resist... it’s the closest I’ll have to my HMV from my childhood. It’s still working. Memories are surely made of these. Quite frivolous...eh?....  little things please little minds?.. Ha.....y