Phase 3  Mike and Yvette’s Golden Anniversary BRUNCH 
At their home on Saturday 11.00am.

Well, my dear Friends and Family in Canada,

They say that all wonderful things come in ‘Threes,’ and wonder of wonders, the third phase of this mega party came by way of a BRUNCH on Saturday 9th June at 11.00am at Mike and Yvette’s home for the entire Family who had come to celebrate the Golden Anniversary bash. This was a party to end all parties. I am still beyond words to express my pride and wonderment of this jubilarian couple, my sister Yvette and her husband Mike.

The Brunch was attended by all the Muise’s... including Mike’s eldest brother Yogi and Joanie, their sons David, Stephen and Jenn , and daughter Susan...missing here were David’s wife Marion and daughter Winter both away in Kenya and Australia respectively;

Mike’s brother Del missed the brunch as he had to drive his daughter Carolyn to the Halifax airport for her flight home to Ottawa.

Mike’s sisters Rosie and Betty Ann; his brother Jimmy and Chris; and Chris’s mother Lila;

Mike’s sister Mary and Paddy’s [both R.I.P.], daughter Susan, and  son Tim ;

Mike and Yvette’s children, Aleixo and Debra and their children , Joseph and Rachel;

Anna Marie and David and their children Mikaela and Sophia;

and Joseph who came alone from Vancouver as his family could not make it as they are coming home to Antigonish to celebrate his wife Kelly’s parents’ Colin and Ann’s Golden Anniversary next month.This would have been an impossible third trip in four months, so they were sorely missed. Ann and Colin also attended the Brunch.

Mike and Yvette’s godson Luke Coady and wife Cecilia Okafor of Nigeria,  and their three children, Zelundo, Zinachi, and Zinufe also attended the Brunch. They had flown from Toronto just to attend the 50th Anniversary of  Mike and Yvette who are proud of their godson Luke whom they adopted from birth as their own for four months when Luke’s mother was studying at the Coady Institute at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish in 1972. Luke is a fine and devoted father who together with his wife Cecilia honour Regina Okafor his mother R.I.P. with grace and unconditional love for their children. Regina is reflected in their daughter Zinachi who dances ballet like a soothing-angel- balm for All of us who witnessed her dancing.

Both Sophia, Anna Marie’s daughter, and Zinachi stole everybody’s hearts with their dancing on the deck at the Brunch.

Also, attending the Brunch were our cousin Suzie and her husband Danny Pinto and yours truly, together with Archie MacLellan, master photographer and friend of Yvette and Mike. Needless to say, this was a true Family affair.

I must here tell you of the ambiance of the venue for the brunch. Three green gazebos complete with tables and chairs had been set up by Mike for the family to eat their lunch at,
and a serious game of Bacchi was played by the young adults and the children, whilst the older folks stayed on the deck reminiscing about the past fifty years with Yvette and Mike.

The food was exquisite, all prepared by Yvette. Two hundred piping-hot samosas here served and went like hot-cakes. Two large smoked picnic hams Yvette’s speciality, were cut up and served with soft rolls and with a yummy potato salad together with a veggie salad prepared by Anna Marie , and a green leafy salad prepared by Debra....and to top it all, two large roasting pans filled with fried rice, and a pork vindaloo curry also Yvette’s piece-de-resistance were also served. Needless to say, the food vanished like lightening. Tea and coffee were served with cake and a fruit salad.

And just as I am writing this, Yvette and Mike received news from their son, Doctor Aleixo who flew to China for a medical conference on Tuesday, after attending the anniversary party of his parents, that he had received a special honour of Honourary Professorship from the University of Shanghai for his work with VOIBD research and treatment of children with GI DISEASES. Please see the attachment regarding this award. CONGRATULATIONS ALEIXO. WE’RE PROUD OF YOU!

Sunday brought farewells and loving partings as all the families bid Yvette and Mike had been altogether too short, but wonderfully sweet and  enjoyable with the bonding of All the families and friends from the Friday Mass at the Monastery, to the Dinner Dance East African Soiree that same evening, to the Brunch on Saturday, to a special dinner hosted by Aleixo at the Maritime Inn on Saturday evening for his parents, siblings, and other immediate family including me, for a total of fifteen.

This was truly a Family affair shared with extended Families and Friends from far and near. The pictures will speak for themselves.

Well, Yvette and Mike, I hope you like this, my electronic gift to you both and your beautiful Family with all my love and admiration.

To say that I had a blast of a good time at your anniversary bash, is to put it quite mildly. It was superb. Thank you, Merci beaucoup and Asante sana.

With that, I’ll add, Adios, adieu, kwaheri and farewell All...and as they say in Goa, our ancestral homeland, Dieu borem korun... God Bless!


Benny and Betty and Family.
Worcester Park