Brygette's Story photo at the end

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Date: October 30, 2019 at 11:32:36 ADT
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Subject: Fwd:  Brygette's Story photo at the end
My dearest Family and Friends,

Greetings and blessings once again. 

 I am forwarding you this story, just received from our son Aleixo who was the doctor who saved Brygette’s life a few years ago. The story had made headlines when Brygette was able to go back to Newfoundland after her life-saving treatment in Toronto at Sick Kids hospital where Aleixo is stationed. I think I had sent you the Newspaper story that was published at that time. 

Aleixo is mentioned as Brygette’s doctor in this enclosed article and he is seen in the group photo at the end of the article, sitting next to Brygette.

We are so proud yet humbled that our son is doing such precious work. It is quite unbelievable and heartwarming, and we have so much to be grateful for.

Please keep us in your prayers, dearest Family and Friends, and especially for Aleixo, that he continues to do the Master Healer’s work with love and dedication to the nth degree, for the greater honour and glory of God, the Master Healer who gave him this special gift of healing.

I’ll end with an antiphon from this psalm made famous by Father Lucien Deiss:-

I want to sing; I want to shout your name O Lord.

We sang it a lot in my Children’s Choir at St. Ninian’s. It is such a beautiful song.

The last time I wanted to spontaneously sing this psalm was when our son Joseph had open heart surgery when he was two, and I wanted to go to the roof-top of the IWK hospital to shout my joy to the world that our baby had successfully been healed with a Dacron patch stitched into his heart ... that was 1979. That was the miracle we received straight from heaven via the doctors at the IWK. And, it was this miracle that inspired Aleixo to become a Paediatric Doctor, as per his own words written when he was in Elementary School, “I want to be a children’s doctor when I grow up because of what the doctors did for my brother Joseph.”
Thank You God.

God bless. 

Most Joyfully,
Yvette and Mike.
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Subject: Brygette's Story photo at the end

Aleixo Muise MD PhD FRCPC
Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Clinician-Scientist, Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition
Co-Director SickKids IBD Centre
Senior Scientist, Program in Cell Biology, Research Institute, Hospital for Sick Children
Professor of Biochemistry, Institute of Medical Sciences, and Paediatrics,
University of Toronto

Disclaimer: All of the work completed in this study was carried out in a research laboratory.  All of the experimental results were of high quality and consistent, however, this work was not completed in an accredited diagnostic lab. As such, we did not perform these research tests nor are we providing these research results to obtain information for diagnosis, prophylaxis or treatment.  The discussion of the results is based on reviewing the data in the published literature.

COMMENT FROM MOLLY MAY (Yvette May's daughter)

Hi Dad,
I did get your message last night, Molly was very excited to read about Alex, she said she would love to meet him!

She was absolutely blown away by his
medical knowledge, we had no idea he was such a clever man! A genius in Molly’s words.

Love – Benny & Betty (UK)