Mike’s Farewell
My dearest Ben and Betty, Annabelle and Alec, Jerome and Ann, and Rhoda,

Just a quick note with pics. Will mail you the hard copies later.
All my love.


Mike Muise

Mike Muise

Muise, Joseph Michael "Mike" of Antigonish passed away on January 9, 2020, in St. Martha’s Regional Hospital, Antigonish.

Born in New Waterford, he was the seventh child of Joseph and Sophie (Deveaux) Muise.

After graduating from St. Francis Xavier University in 1965, Mike joined CUSO and was posted to Mombasa, Kenya, where he met the love of his life, Yvette, of Goan descent. Mike taught Math at the Sacred Heart Goan High School for two years, and his students from there still fondly remember their wonderful teacher from Canada who touched their lives for a brief time.

After their marriage in Mombasa in 1968, Mike and Yvette moved back to Canada and spent their first year in New Waterford as teachers, from whence they moved to Antigonish in 1969 and taught at the Dr. John Hugh Gillis Regional High School, retiring in 1998 and 2001 respectively. Mike loved Antigonish and his alma mater St. Francis Xavier University and the Coady Institute, welcoming the international students, particularly from Kenya, India, and Nigeria, to their home.  Together with Yvette, they wanted to make them feel at home, for they both had learnt firsthand what it was to be a stranger in a strange land.

Mike Muise is survived by his wife of 51 years, Yvette de Souza – Muise, and their children Dr. Aleixo (Dr. Debra Stein) and children, Joseph and Rachel, Toronto; Anna Marie (David Lewis) and children, Mikaela and Sophia, Ottawa; and Joseph (Kelly MacDonald) and children, Patrick and Heather, Vancouver.

Mike is also survived by his siblings, Wilfred ‘Yogi’ (Joanie MacKenzie), New Waterford; Rose Longley, Middleton; Delphin, Margaree; Betty Ann (Angus MacEachern), Howie Centre; Jim (Chris Corbett), Guysborough; sister-in-law, Alice; and numerous nephews and nieces; as well as Yvette’s siblings, Ben and Betty de Souza; Annabella and Alec Fernandes; Jerome and Ann de Souza; and Rhoda da Costa.

Besides his parents, he is predeceased by his parents-in-law, Aleixo and Laurie de Souza; brother, Medric; and sisters, Mary (Paddy) Carrigan and Theresa (John Joe) LeVert.

Visitation will be held Tuesday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9pm in C.L. Curry Funeral Home, 135 College Street, Antigonish. Mass of Christian Burial will take place on Wednesday at 11:00am at St. Ninian Cathedral, Antigonish, with Reverend Donald MacGillivray presiding.  Burial in the parish cemetery at a later date.

Family flowers only, please.  In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to St. Ninian's St. Vincent de Paul Society.

Also, dearest Mike, first and foremost, you loved God,  and St. Ninian’s which you served unreservedly. You taught us to be true Christians, by your unwavering example. I thank God for sending you halfway across the world to find me and become my soulmate, my rock and my tower of strength. I am so lost without you. Love you forever.


My dearest darling Mike, saying ‘Farewell’ is the hardest thing we’ve ever had to do. Words cannot fill the void your departure to heaven has enveloped us in. God has taken you home as our special ‘Magi’ to see the Infant Jesus at this 2020 Feast of the Epiphany, just as He had guided the Three Maji to Bethlehem some 2000 years ago. You have answered a Divine Command, and we, your family sadly acquiesce with the Divine Plan, just as you did, my dearest Mike.

Your so-sudden departure, due to a single major heart attack, has shocked and broken all our hearts as you are remembered as a most wonderful husband, father, grandfather, brother, friend, math teacher, coach, and volunteer par excellence.

As a scholar and educator, with your BA; BEd; and MA-Education, you were an outstanding mathematician and a revered teacher. Your peers chose you as Head of the Math department at the John Hugh Gillis Regional High School, and you loved your entire Math department throughout your teaching career, and they loved you, too, as did all your students who sing your praises to this day. And, you played a vital role in the NSTU for many years. Kudos to you, Mike, many accolades came your way from all corners of Nova Scotia, and you remained the same wonderful husband, father, grandfather, teacher, and friend forever. Bless you.

One of your students, the now acclaimed Bruce MacKinnon, immortalized you in a couple of his artistic caricatures in his early drawings as a Math teacher and as a soccer coach at the Dr.J.H.Gillis High School, where you introduced soccer when the school first opened in the early 1970’s. They were amongst your treasured accolades.

Your proficiency as a sportsman in soccer, badminton, softball, curling, golfing, and swimming have not gone unnoticed. Added to this, your faithful commitment to fitness executed daily at the St. F.X. gym and pool over a period of fifty years has more than impressed us all, and your commitment to the St. Vincent De Paul Society is outstanding.

As treasurer of the SVDP Society, you spent many loving hours in your retirement, writing cheques, paying bills, and keeping meticulous records of all transactions, year after year, for the past ten years or more. You dedicated your retirement years as a champion of the poor, and for that you are much-loved and admired. Your family knows just how much honour you felt to have been assigned such an important role in SVDP.

Also, dearest Mike, first and foremost, you loved God, and St. Ninian’s which you served unreservedly. You taught us to be true Christians by your unwavering example. I thank God for sending you halfway across the world to find me and become my soulmate, my rock, and my tower of strength. I am so lost without you. Love you forever.

Mike, you will be forever missed and loved by everyone who got to know you. You did us all proud. You were the most kind, gentle, and loving soul we ever knew, and what was most wonderful was your positive take on everything, manifesting itself in hilarious jokes that were appreciated by all who knew you. Thank you, Mike, for being you. We love you.

Mike, you loved your grandchildren Mikaela, Sophia, Joseph, Rachel, Patrick, and Heather, and they adored you. The annual visits from all of them during the summers were what touched your heart most.

Last but by no means least, everybody felt the impact of your most generous spirit. To you, FAMILY was of paramount importance, and you, ever so gently, guided our children, including the children you taught, including undying support of my St. Ninian’s Children’s Choir for over 43 years, into being the creme-de-la-creme of society as upstanding citizens. You set the bar high, Mike, and you can take credit for positively influencing the future of all who had the privilege of knowing you. Life will never be the same without you, my dearest Mike.  You never ever thought of yourself, as you always put others first, and for this you are known as the gentlest, kindest, most unassuming soul that it was our honour and privilege to know and love. Mike, you were the creme-de-la-creme. How can we ever fill the void your absence has created?

I will end with the following quote from our much-admired fellow teacher, Eleanor Mutimer:
"I have just received the sad news that Mike’s lovely life has ended. Words cannot express my great shock and my profound sorrow at the loss of such a fine human being, such a supportive husband, such a loving and proud father and grandfather, such a wonderful colleague and friend, such a truly gentle man."

Farewell my dearest Mike, and may God keep you safe in His loving arms until we are called to be reunited with you in Heaven.

With all our love and blessings,
Yours ever-lovingly,

Yvette, with all our family

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Service Date
Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Service Time
11:00 am
Service Location
St. Ninian Cathedral, Antigonish

Tuesday, January 14, 2020
Visitation Time
2 to 4 and 7 to 9pm
Visitation Location
C.L. Curry Funeral Home, 135 College Street, Antigonish, NS


My dearest Family , All,

This is probably my last posting about the farewell to our beloved Mike, if my brain permits me to do so. My mind and my heart are working relentlessly as like a tape-recorder , as I remember, and unwittingly replay the events of the past few days, beginning at 2.00am until morning.

Yesterday, our friend Emeka, called me after Mass and told me how shocked he was to hear Mike’s name mentioned in the obituaries.  He could not believe it and just had to call.

Well, at 2.00am the events of the Wake on Tuesday came flooding in, starting with the CWL ladies’ prayers at 1.45pm. They generally only do so for the CWL deceased ladies, not the men. But, they had got to know Mike very well when I was President, and they showed their appreciation by honouring Mike in so beautiful a manner.

Then there was our dear friend Deacon Dr. Terry da Silva who came from Toronto on Monday and read the Gospel readings with so much heart and meaning that my readers at Mike’s Mass were inspired to ‘speak to,’ rather than just ‘read’ the words , just as Terry had, from the heart. He doesn’t know just how much he influenced our young readers. They told me so. It was so wonderful of him to come and become part of the prayerful ceremonies. We knew Terry from Africa days. God bless him.

And Father Don did a marvellous job too in giving Mike a royal send-off, together with Father Bill Crispo who had celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2018, and Father Doug MacDonald who sent us a Papal blessing from Pope Francis from the Vatican where he was studying in June of 2018....  And Deacon Sander Burke , a friend of Jimmy, came from Pictou County to add to the con-celebratory service for Mike. It all happened , unplanned. It  just seemed that all the meaningful connections were aligned to make that Mass so beautiful. Thank God for them all too.

You will be happy to know that Mike came home on Wednesday morning en route to the Mass to bid adieu to our home and Chestnut Street. That was so special, in the UK tradition where my Dad had the same send-off.

The hardest part for me was to leave Mike behind in the ever so cold vault at the cemetery with only the red roses on his casket to keep him warm. Bless him.

And, when we got to the church, I was bowled over to see the honour guard made up of retired teachers, CWL, SVDP, curling, swimming, gym, and golfing buddies line the centre aisle from the door to the altar. I felt that the whole congregation there was my entire family, my dearest friends. I cannot tell you how wonderful that felt. I’m sure Mike felt truly honoured.`Sincerest thanks to the organizers, especially Lauchie, Larry, Irene, Miriam, Caroline, Catherine and more,  who made everything so grand for Mike.

Then when we got to the reception at St. Ninian Place we found that the CWL had outdone themselves. The reception was out of this world. How blest are we.

Finally, I send a big hug to all of you, especially my dearest grandchildren, Mikaela,Sophia, Joseph, Rachel, Patrick and Heather, whom Mike adored and they were my true consolation and source of strength. Thank you one and all for your unparalleled help in getting me and our family so consoled and loved in our hour of our heartache and grief. Thank you one and all again, and God bless.


Please say a prayer for me that I may be strong for my children and their spouses, grandchildren, and relatives, as I walk in the footsteps of my dearest Mike who was my Rock and my Blessing from heaven.

All my love,

Before we left for the Wake....Sophia,Rachel, Joseph, moi with Heather, Mikaela,& Patrick.

Aleixo, Debra, David, Anna Marie, me, Joseph & Kelly.

My dearest Yogi, Rose, Del, Betty Ann and Jim, and families,
This is A Sharing of the umpteen thoughts that are flooding my mind at the moment. Is this a coping mechanism? I don’t know. Please bare with me.
This morning I came downstairs and turned on the EWTN TV Mass at 9.00am, and lo and behold the entrance hymn was Mike’s Mass entrance hymn...’.O God Beyond All Praising.‘  ...Joseph had chosen it so wisely. It filled my heart with recollections of Mike’s  funeral Mass, and prompted me to  read his Order of the Mass once again...and boy, it immediately  hit me with some special thoughts.
The three readers, our children’s spouses, Debra, David, and Kelly did true justice to the readings. Is it possible that , Perhaps Mike, together with the Holy Spirit, had guided /inspired telepathically, the selection of readers and readings with a special purpose in mind, standing close to them and being so proud of them. The readings suited the readers, perfectly, to touch and reach their and our hearts so wonderfully,  and to inspire them and us to become true friends of Jesus. I had prayed to the Holy Spirit for inspiration, and that is how it all unfolded. ...I cannot explain it any other way. They All read so beautifully and meaningfully. I was truly moved and joyful to have all of them in our lives.
And later in the Mass, when All had received Holy Communion, I had the distinct feeling that Jesus had come into everyone’s heart and had filled them and us with His Love and special graces. He would have welcomed Everyone to His last supper and said, ‘Do this in memory of me.’ to All. That was always Mike’s and my Special wishes and prayers for all our children and their families.... and it unexpectedly happened so unplanned for , and unobtrusively. I felt that Mike and Jesus were with us , there , in our hour of sorrow, at His banquet.
This morning, at 9.25am the doorbell rang, and I answered it, in my dressing gown, for I had just come downstairs, only to wonderfully find that my neighbour Tony had asked the Eucharistic minister to bring me Holy Communion. ...something Mike did for me every Sunday for the past little while because the 8.30am Mass was too early for me to attend with him, in my hibernation due to my shoulder. I was bowled over. I intend to go to the 10.30 or 11.00am Mass from now on if I can drive in non-stormy weather. How great is this? I count my true blessings one by one.
And finally, Anna Marie’s Ave Maria was the icing on the cake as she sang especially for her Dad who loved her Ave Maria renditions. It was magnificent. My/our SPECIAL ANGEL HAD SUNG A TRUE FAREWELL TO HER BELOVED DAD.
Add to this, Stephen’s Amazing Grace on the keyboard which was truly amazing, and you have a send-off , fit for a king.
So, my dearest All, pray for me, and once more , I thank you for your amazing kindness and caring. God bless.
All my love.

MIKE MUISE OUR ANGEL IN Friday 17th January 2020.
Dearest Del, and all Mike’s siblings and your families,

Thank you for being so gracious in your responses, and condolences , over the past few terrible days, which are sustaining me. I know how terrible it is for you too, to loose a sibling . ...especially so unexpectedly. I am devastated beyond imagination. Thank God for all of you, and our children, and all our friends too,  who with you, poured out all the love you all could muster in my/our of need.

Anna  Marie is here for another week to help me with all the paper work of which I know nothing as Mike took care of everything. She is my source of strength at the moment, and when she leaves, I shall be so alone and lost. All of you have been so wonderful as always. Thank you with all my heart.

At the moment, Anna Marie is taking down our Christmas tree, and then she’s going to bring my bed downstairs over the weekend, because I cannot go upstairs for a while without Mike ....lots for her to do single handedly....if only I wasn’t such a basket case at the moment, to help her. Bless her. My children have been my rocks, and their spouses closer to me than ever, and my grandchildren my everything. How lucky can one be? Mike was a great guy, and is forever in my heart. And you? are my special angels too. I felt Mike’s presence through all of you at the Wakes and at the Funeral Mass. Bless you all.

Aleixo left this morning at 8.00am and is stuck at the airport... rescheduled to fly out at 9.00pm. David and the girls left yesterday early morning as did Terry. Joseph heads out tomorrow morning from James River. He has not been able to come home to say goodbye due to the snow drifts. Please pray that they all get home safely.


Please don’t hesitate to call/visit/email as often as you can. I admire Sophie, and my Mum for coping so beautifully when our Dads went to heaven. How did they do it? I don’t know how to. I have so much to learn. Please say a prayer for me. Ta.

All my love. Yvette.

Yvette and all the family.


My dearest Joanne and Patrick,

In gathering my thoughts and recollections of the last few days, I’ve been writing as thoughts have been relentlessly flooding my mind. Please bear with me.

Last, but not least, a Special Thank You to you, Joanne and Patrick Curry of Curry’s Funeral Home. Yes it was our home for two days, where all our families and friends had gathered to bid our Mike farewell in such style and splendour. Thank you for your kind hospitality and support in our grief. Your funeral home became our home, par excellence, where we all felt so welcomed and at ease.

Patrick, you were brilliant. ... a true son of Joanne and Charles [Chuck] whom we had known for many years in Antigonish. Patrick, you are now added to my list of ‘third sons’ for your actions as a true son would be. I am so fortunate to have met you, and I welcome you to my family as a true son. You touched my heart with your kindness, patience and vast knowledge in the proper protocol of dealing with not only the paper work that is so important to the bereaved, but also in your tremendous skill in both the written and spoken word. You have my A-grade+++. As teachers, both Mike and I have had the good fortune of knowing so many wonderful children of friends and relatives everywhere we’ve been. All the children we’ve ever encountered over the years we’re welcomed as our own because of their goodness of heart. You certainly are one of them.

How proud we are of all our blessings which complement our immediate family,  and make our family so wonderful. Our children know all that is / was in Mike’s heart, and mine, and I’m sure they agree with everything I’m saying , and have been saying forever and a day. I count my blessings every day, especially now , that Mike is now in heaven.

Joanne and Patrick, Thank You with all my / our hearts for your magnificent support in our grief through the funeral arrangements that made Mike’s send-off so wonderfully special. You yourselves experienced what I’m going through at the moment when your own wonderful Chuck went to heaven not too long ago. I feel that he and Mike surely watched over all of us throughout these past few days, making the send-off ever so special. You are forever in our hearts.

I’m also absolutely sure that all of Mike’s siblings and their families feel the same way about this sad event which you made ever so bearable. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

With sincerest thanks again, love and blessings from all of us. Yvette

Dear Father Don,

How do I say Thank You for the fine service you had for Mike in sending him off to heaven,  last Wednesday. From the wake to the funeral Mass, you brought a touch of class to the farewell to Mike, and eased our broken hearts.

Your prayer service and kind words at the Wake were moving, added to which your homily at the Mass, was indeed a real tribute to Mike, as you gathered all of us present in a special bond that made his presence , and our memories of him, so real, as you wove his life with the most prayerful and out of this world farewell Mass that commended Mike to the bosom of our Lord. I don’t know how else to express my thoughts of appreciation in my brokenness, but I can assure you that our children and their families, together with Mike’s siblings were moved and very touched by what they all termed, the grandest funeral Mass ever experienced, echoed by all the friends present as well.

My wounded heart has been writing and writing since Mike did not return home last Thursday. It was so good to see you at the hospital that late afternoon. Mike was so blest to have you there to commend his soul to God. Thank you.

I am neither here nor there, at the moment, for I feel like I have been hit on my forehead by and 8x4 plank of wood, so please forgive my erratic writing. Just know that I , together with my family, appreciate all you did for Mike  and us, and most importantly that you sent him to heaven on angels wings to his final destination. It was a more than a royal farewell.

Thank you, Father Don from all of us.
Much love and blessings from all of us.
God bless.
Yvette and Family..

To My Darling Children
My dearest Aleixo, Anna Marie and Joseph,
and with you, Debra, Little Joseph, and Rachel; David, Mikaela and Sophia; Kelly, Patrick and Heather, my darlings All,

Anna Marie has just left for the airport and my aching heart reaches out to All of you, my darlings in my thoughts, and in my scribblings, albeit, electronically.  The car has just driven away and I am feeling so lost. ... Carolyn McVicar-MacDonald our neighbour is taking Anna Marie to the airport. Thus I write to ease my aching heart. Since she arrived home the day after Dad went to heaven, Anna Marie was my guide, my rock, my teacher, my constant companion after you all went home and she stayed back to help me sort out all the paper work par excellence. She has helped me to heal and find myself as I journey forward without my angel, your Dad, in whose footsteps you All walk. Thank you Anna Marie for putting me on the right road to healing and dealing with the future. As my only daughter, you were and are my princess as you were Dad’s also. Thank you . Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all the official work you did , including making phone calls, mailing, paying bills for me,  driving me to the various offices and banks I needed to go to to settle things I never knew I would have to do, and also for filling freezer in the fridge with various meals you so lovingly cooked for me to carry me forward into the next couple of weeks. You truly are my princess. Asante sana my darling, Merci beaucoup.

Your Mikaela, now 16, and a head taller than I am,  the tiniest little baby I had ever seen ... a premie...was also a miracle baby, who gave me strength, especially when she slept in Dad’s spot next to me, the spot you yourself Anna Marie had slept in from the very day you arrived  to be here with me after Dad went to heaven. You both helped me in more ways than you know. And Sophia 11, who bears the ‘de Souza’ features , and is your twin and mine, at her age, reminded me of my entire de Souza clan whom I so dearly missed on this sad occasion.  Bless them all. And your David was another tower of strength as he quietly took over the kitchen and did the dishes and made coffee in the morning for All. Bless you David.

You are All perfect images of your Dad, and I cannot tell you how honoured and proud I am of you All, together with your spouses and your children, now All my children without exception. I thank God for the gift of you All, in my life, and the thought of this gives me strength and hope as I go forward alone in Dad’s absence , and with you All being so far away geographically. Your combined strengths will carry me forward as I take charge of my life once more, with God’s help and yours. I am reminded of the hymn, ‘Be Not Afraid.’ which my heart will sing every time I find myself wavering.

And, Aleixo, my firstborn, your quiet strength will stay with me forever as you are my teacher, rock and guide as my Doctor Son, together with your family who complement us All, as well. Thank you my dearest darling Aleixo. And, how can I thank Debra , your beloved wife who has so much empathy , not only as a doctor, like you, Al, but as my second daughter as I call her, I am so proud and thankful to say. Thank you Debra. And your Little Joseph now almost six feet tall, showed me how knowledgeable, understanding and rational he is even at the tender age of 15.... that he was missing his grandfather was very evident to me as he dealt with his grief in his own way, and as he kept everyone of us so informed, and was an excellent babysitter in looking after all his cousins when we needed him to. Like Mike, Little Joseph is a Boston Bruins fan, besides being an excellent hockey and soccer player, with a music bent as well. Bless  him. And your girl, Rachel, is so loving and talented. She reminded me of myself when I was 10.. she will be a great artist someday. I’ll treasure the flowers she drew for me to console me before she went home at the end of a terrible week, losing her grandfather... and I’ll play her video of her playing the cello, over and over again. Your children are treasures.

And Joseph, my miracle baby, God gave you a most wonderful heart even as He healed your heart when you were two. I felt your strength and your love as you stood by me at the Wake and at the funeral, as you understood my every pain throughout those two events. Thank you . Thank you. Thank you. Kelly, your beloved, was a tower of strength from the moment she arrived here. She knew how to do everything right in the kitchen and in settling everyone. Isn’t it wonderful that it was her sister Dr. Karen who did CPR on Dad at the Mall that fateful day, and her parents have been so supportive too. And, you know something, your Heather , 6, has my heart...we were both born under the same star two days apart on the July calendar.... we have a special connection. She too is going to be a star in the Arts with her music, art and dance prowess.  And Patrick is a perfect reflection of you, Joseph. He won my heart when as a four month old little baby he looked deeply into my eyes and quizzically and telepathically said, ‘I know you, grandma. I know you.’ I had never experienced such a connection from a baby , before. He’s a walking encyclopedia too at the age of 10.  A great future awaits him as it does all my six grandchildren. Grandpa will see it all from heaven. All of you have brought up your children so lovingly beautifully.

Thank you for coming, all of you, to bid adieu to DadMike. Your presence made his send- off all the more special, as you , in your own grief, gave me your unwavering help, strength and consolation. You don’t know how much you helped me from the moment you arrived home under such difficult circumstances. My heart witnessed everything, and appreciates everything you did in your own ways to console each other and me, and particularly the children who loved their grandfather dearly, as he did, them. What a blessing. What a gift. What a Rock to lean on. Thank you my dearest darlings for the most admirable memory I’ll treasure forever. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. I will try to stand strong as I take charge of my life and as I know I have to plan for just for today but for all the tomorrows as well. You’ll help me stay focussed I know. Ta. I love you All.

Stand strong my dearest darlings. Continue to be the creme-de-la-creme your Dad taught you to be. I expect nothing less.  And, know that I love and admire you with my whole heart and soul. Remember that even in my brokenness, I appreciate everything you did despite the shock of losing your Dad. And, remember too that  I am here for you as always, and unconditionally. Continue to be strong, loving and kind, and always remember to thank God for His wonderful gifts to all of us, for without God we are nothing. Keep this forever in your hearts. I will continue to pray for all of you and me, for God is my strength, my hope and my consolation, as are you. You are Always In My Heart, as another song goes, and I am yours forever too.

Stay constantly in touch, my dearest darlings, as will I too with you. Stay safe and God bless.

All my love,
Your everloving Mum,

Ps.... I’m attaching a photograph of my six year old princess AM from her expired passport we found when going through our papers. Check it out.....y

My dearest Ben,
Thank you for your lovely message. I totally understand and accept. All my love.
Dearest Yvette,

Lovly message that says it all with focus on Dr. Terry and Wanda who have been very special to you and Mike and still special friends.
Wanda will make abig difference when she joins you giving you company and you just keep yourself busy with all the various tasks you do and we all will keep in touch.
We all have to face life and the challenges that goes with it in different ways but loss of a member is very hard to take and I know I would never be able to cope where had I come to you, I would not be able to be alone just with you as I would be lost for words and that is why I was coming for only 4/5 days. Unfortunately it was not to be but Mike knows I was with you all. Keep positive. Love Benny & Betty


My dearest Wanda and Terry,
Greetings and blessings.
I’ve been writing and writing and writing and perhaps overlapping or missing the mark, in my stunned mind, heart and soul, as I think of the events of the past two weeks, cc-ing to all my family and friends, as thoughts come to me. Perhaps this is a healing mechanism with I no or I am totally insane, so please bear with me, if I’m repeating myself. I hope you received all my messages.
First of all, I want to thank you Wanda for your phone call telling me that Terry was coming to Mike’s funeral and that you would be coming later. You reached out to me only as a sister would to a wounded sister, and your message is forever written in my heart. How can I ever thank you , my dearest sister friend. I told everyone that you were coming and they rejoiced with all their too.
And then Terry arrived post haste, and I was shocked to see him on Monday evening when he rang the doorbell. We would have picked him up from the airport, and brought him home even if it meant he’d have to sleep on the sofa, as every available bed was taken up by the thirteen of us, upstairs. But Terry assured us that he was settled in a good motel and was comfortable there.
Then came the Wake on Tuesday, and Terry, with Fr. Don conducted the prayers at the funeral home. Terry inspired and wowed everyone with his reading of the gospel. It was so special.
And, at the funeral Mass, it felt that all my family was there in Terry as he assisted at the Mass which was concelebrated with three priests and two deacons. There again, Terry read the gospel and everyone wanted to know who he was. It was all so wonderful from the get-go. My only regret is that I could not have done more in welcoming Terry. I appreciated everything and felt so proud to have been blest by such wonderful friends as you both.
So, Terry, thank you from all of us for coming to our aid, and thank you Wanda for sending your beloved husband to look after us. Asante sana. Merci beaucoup. Dieu borem korun.
Words cannot express my sincerest thanks, Wanda and Terry.
I am so looking forward to your coming to visit me Wanda, and if Terry wants to come with you, there’s plenty of room. Come whenever you can. I will be eternally grateful. Just let me know when you’re arriving, and I’ll have my friends pick you up from the airport. Don’t rent a car. OK? Ta.
Today is the second day of my being truly alone. I have to bite the bullet and do what I must do one day at a time. Please pray for me that may not falter and fail.
Anna Marie went home yesterday after sorting all the paper work for me and even freezing some lovely meals she cooked for me. She is truly Mike’s and my girl. Joseph and Aleixo called today, and that gave me strength.
Take care my dearest friends, and God bless. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Love and blessings.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

THANK YOU Fr. Bill Crispo and Fr. Douglas MacDonald
Dear Fr. Bill, and Dear Fr. Doug,

Greetings and blessings from Chestnut Street.

The children and I send you sincerest thanks for your support and participation in Mike’s funeral Mass. You don’t know how wonderful it was to see you at the altar concelebrating with Fr. Don, and deacons Terry da Silva and Sander Burke. Your presence there was so meaningful as each of you had a special place in our hearts, especially as we remembered your wonderful roles at our 50th anniversary Mass/celebrations in 2018. We cannot thank you enough for making Mike’s send-off more than a royal one by your participation. It is written on our hearts forever.

Now , I have to tell you a little more about yourselves in our lives for the benefit of our families and friends, Fr. Bill and Fr. Doug , you, who have been our friends for many years.

To Family and Friends :-
“ Father Bill Crispo was the rector at St. Ninian’s for nine years , I’m sure, during which time he became a family friend and mentor. Fr. Bill was the champion of my St. Ninian’s Children’s choir which he promoted and appreciated to the nth degree, the finale being the wonderful celebration of the 25th anniversary of my choir complete with High Mass concelebrated by fourteen priests including Bishop Campbell [RIP], and a reception at St. Ninian Place that Christmas Eve, making it a night to remember. Fr. Bill had also said numerous Masses at our place in celebrating many milestones in our lives. He was indeed a much cherished ‘adopted’ family member. Mike always spoke highly of him. Thank You Fr. Bill.-brother.

And, Fr. Doug MacDonald was a little boy when we first met him and his sister Michelle who joined my choir way back when. His grandmother Martina MacPherson loved her grandchildren so much that she took it upon herself to bring her two beautiful grandchildren to choir practice every Saturday morning, and to Mass every Sunday morning for 9.30am Mass. She never wavered from her mission and she used to tell me how much she loved to see her grandchildren singing in the choir. Well, the result of her efforts came years later when this beloved grandson of hers grew up to become not only a strapping tall and robust champion of the Highland Games in Nova Scotia, but more than a champion, when he joined the priesthood wherein he has fostered and continues to foster the love of God in our daily lives. Fr. Doug is well-loved in whatever parishes he is assigned to and it is /was our singular honour to see one of our longtime choir members leading congregations in his calling as a priest, par excellence. It made our work all the more worthwhile in having played a tiny role in the lives of our chargees. We were /are most honoured. Thank You Fr. Doug.-son.”

Once again, Thanks a million Fr. Bill and Fr. Doug. God bless you always.

Please keep in touch.
Much love and blessings.
Yvette and Aleixo, Anna Marie, and Joseph, with their families.

Fr. Bill celebrated Mass for us on our 50th anniversary 2018

Papal blessing sent to us for our 50th anniversary by Fr. Doug.


My dearest friends, Tony and Karen, 

Greetings and blessings from my heart to yours. My heart and soul are recalling my heartbreaking memories the 9th, at different speeds and times. How can I ever thank you for your most special presence in Mike’s final moments on that fateful Thursday day when Mike went to heaven on 9th January 2020.

When Mike did not return home from Lawton’s where he had gone at 11.00am to pick up some meds, I began to worry from 11.30am onwards. Why? Because he always came straight home whenever he went out. I did the same. We never did anything without telling each other, even when we were leaving the room at home. Foolish as it might sound, that’s the way we were, and perhaps, Mike was telepathically calling me to tell me that he was in trouble in his car. ....why was I so apprehensive from 11.30am onwards that morning? And, as the minutes turned to hours, I became more and more agitated that something was terribly wrong.

I phoned your Mum, Karen and she advised me to call Lawtons and the hospital , and even  the RCMP, which I felt foolish and reticent to do because only a few hours had passed. However, I called Lawtons and they told me that Mike had picked up the meds at 11.30am. Then, with apprehensive heart, I called up the hospital and even our doctor’s office ....he was not there. My heart ached.

Then I called you Tony, for the second time because you were not home when I first called you around 12.00 o’clock. Mercifully you answered on the second call, and told me not to worry, and that you would go to Lawtons to see if our car was there, for I had the terrible feeling that Mike was in the car in this time it was 3.00pm.

When you left I started the rosary, that Mike would be alright, and when an hour went by and you had not returned, I felt sure that you had found Mike, and that you were dealing with helping him. You must have had such a terrible fright to find Mike slumped over the wheel in his car. Tony, you were there with Mike, and I feel sure he must have felt your presence, and also felt assured that you would get the message to me. I can just imagine your distress as you had to leave Mike and rush to Lawtons to phone for the ambulance. I totally understood your plight.

Mercifully, you bumped into Dr. Karen who ran to the car and started CPR on Mike as he had a weak pulse, she told me. You got the ambulance and between you and Karen, you both were with Mike in his dying moments.

Karen, we’ve known you forever and a day, as you went to school with Anna Marie. I was always impressed by your goodness of heart. No wonder God called you to become a medical doctor . I believe that doctors are the right hand of God...the hand that heals. Of this I am quite sure. Have always been. I had always wanted to be a doctor, but since I didn’t have physics and chemistry at St. Joseph’s Convent  Private School in Zanzibar, I missed the opportunity, and so became a teacher. I loved teaching. Perhaps God had chosen this carrier for me. I am forever grateful. However , He made my wish come true, though my son Aleixo. Isn’t it wonderful? I am so glad to call you my second daughter, if I may. You are already part of our family as Joseph’s sister-in-law, so now my daughter.

I am sure, that Mike’s guardian angel and namesake Michael the Archangel had brought you both to Mike, so he would Not die in the hands of strangers. Tony, you have been our neighbour and our trusted friend, par excellence for fifty years here on Chestnut Street. You became our brother, Tony, and my children and I are eternally grateful for this, and the special role you played in Mike’s last moments. We will never forget this.

Then the ambulance took Mike to the hospital with you and Karen/Dr.Karen right behind him. And then Karen came to tell me the news, and at the door when she said, ‘ Yvette I have......‘I knew at that word  Have , that Mike was gone....I didn’t need to hear ‘some terrible news to tell you.’ I knew. Perhaps I knew from 11.30am  that day.

You then took me to the hospital, Karen where Fr. Don and his sister, Sr. Donna were with Mike, and I tried to wake him up and he wouldn’t listen. He was gone. He was with God. Now I have to pick myself up and do what Mike would have wanted me to do, as per his prayer card. I shall do my very best, and I do know that if I should falter and fail, you both will help me pick myself up, together with the help  of my children and all of my family and friends, I’m sure.

Thank you my dearest friends.
May God fill you with His most abundant love and blessings.

Yvette and all our children

My dearest Friends, namely, Bishop Brian, Lauchie, Catherine, Cathy Carolyn, Karen, Miriam and Larry,

My heart has been writing this note of admiration and sincerest thanks to you ever since that fateful day, 9th January 2020, when Mike went to heaven. Like  my truest sisters and brothers you came to my aid upon hearing about Mike, and I am eternally grateful.

After returning from the hospital with Dr. Karen who had performed CPR on Mike at the Mall, I spent a couple of hours making phone calls to all my family and to you. Within minutes you were at my side.... Catherine, Cathy, Carolyn, Lauchie, Miriam, and Karen.... offering condolences and advice on how to proceed, if I needed any help. I surely needed a lot of help and advice in my stunned state of mind. Anna Marie said she would be here by early afternoon the following day, and Aleixo and Joseph and all their families by Friday night, including Terry and Wanda. Even Ben tried from England. All this told me how high in esteem you held Mike and me , as we did you.

You all made me feel so at ease as I tried to cope with the shock. You all offered to help in whatever way you could. Catherine and Cathy , you stayed the night so I wouldn’t be alone. Lauchie you offered to take care of the Pallbearers if needed be,  and Miriam, Caroline and Karen offered help in any form that would be required. It was so wonderful to have your support, as only family members could offer in such circumstances and you were more than friends at that critical time. You became my family.  I felt the kinship with grateful heart, more than you will ever know. How will I ever be able to thank you for all you did for me that evening? Thank you with all my / our hearts.

And the next morning, the first visitor around 9.30am was you, Bishop Brian. You prayed with me and told me that you had offered your first  Mass that morning for Mike, and your card was so comforting. You don’t know how much I appreciated your most kind gesture, visit ,  and concern and friendship, dear Bishop Brian. I will never be able to thank you for this. I am so saddened that you will be leaving Antigonish to become Archbishop of Halifax, even though I am so happy for you for the honour that has been bestowed on you. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide you to a great and wonderful future. Please accept my sincerest thanks, together with that of my children and their families. We will never forget your kindness. Thank you, dear friend.

After your visit that morning , Bishop Brian, there was a steady stream of friends , of retired teacher colleagues , SVDP , CWL, and many others of Mike’s friends who were also in shock . We learnt just how much Mike was loved and admired. He was a great guy, and my rock,  if I may say so myself.

Larry , you were the next visitor that morning, and you reiterated everything that had been said the night before and you even talked about a guard of honour. Between all of you, you all did a grand job in giving Mike a more than royal send-off. Sincerest thanks to all of you..Lauchie told us that Walter too had wanted to come, but couldn’t. The three of you were like Mike’s brothers throughout his/our teaching years., and I’ll always remember the camaraderie you all engendered as administrators at Dr. J.H.Gillis  Regional High that made the three of you like our brothers throughout our teaching career at JHG....the best place to be.

And , that morning, you,  Catherine and Cathy , manned the kitchen and made tea for everyone sans exception . It looked like family was home, and I watched all in stunned silence feeling like I had been hit by a 4x6 piece of wood across the forehead as I went through the motions of answering the door, lamely saying, ‘he’s gone’. I don’t know how to thank you both for so generously giving more than twenty four hours of your time in helping me. You had started the healing process, more than you’ll ever know. Will I ever be able to thank you adequately?

And Carolyn, you braved the weather and went to Halifax to pick Anna Marie from the airport, and even took her back to the airport last Thursday. Little did I know that my wonderful neighbour of fifty years on Chestnut Street would play such an important role in my life so many years later. You and your siblings were only children when we came to Chestnut Street in March of 1970, and your parents were such wonderful people. And, you became my sister when you put yourself out so much to see me through this terrible nightmare, fifty years later, just as Tony, your brother, had  became my , and Mike’s brother too over the passed few years. We loved and admired  your parents, as we did all of you. Chestnut street was, and is the best street in Antigonish, whichever way you look at it. I’ll never be able to thank you enough, Carolyn, and all the McVicars of Chestnut Street. God bless.

And through it all I went through the motions of all the funeral arrangements as I wrote the farewell to Mike, obituary and also made his Order of the Mass programme. I know I made many mistakes of most unintended omissions which I hope I have been forgiven for. I was particularly joyous that we were able to bring Mike  home to Chestnut Street en route to St.Ninian’s to say farewell to our home as he had not had the chance to come home that Thursday morning. Patrick Curry was magnificent in arranging everything so beautifully for Mike and us. He has been added to my list of third sons.

The saddest memory I wish I didn’t have was of leaving Mike in the cold and isolated vault at the cemetery with only our red roses to keep him warm. We’ll be there in the spring to see him properly interned.’ Dear God, please keep Mike safe in your loving care.’

Finally, the short and sweet of all this is that each of you has now become my true brother and sister par excellence. God blest Mike and me when He brought us to Antigonish and introduced all of you into our lives. God had sent Mike half way around the world to find me , and He blest us both with a beautiful family of three children and their spouses and six most wonderful grandchildren, and He  gave you to us as well. How lucky are we. Thank you. Merci beaucoup. Asante sana, as they say in East Africa, and Dieu borem korun as they say in Goa.

So, my dearest Friends  now my Family,
Thank you once again and God bless ,
Much  love from all of us from 11 Chestnut.

Forever yours.


Calangute , Goa 2008

My dearest Family and Friends from around the world, namely, our children, grandchildren, siblings, relatives, colleagues, clergy, Sisters, former students from Sacred Heart Goan School Mombasa, Star of the Sea School Mombasa, New Victoria School Cape Breton, JHG School Antigonish, all other schools in Antigonish, former St.Ninian’s Children’s Choir members, SVDP Society at St. Ninian’s, CWL also, curling buddies including swimming, gym, golfing buddies and all friends of Mike who sent us the most beautiful condolences on-line and by email, and also with umpteen condolence cards and Mass cards, and beautiful flowers, and even wonderful food,  ALL,


The superlative honourary-guard-of-honour at the cathedral at Mike’s funeral, that spanned from the altar to the back door totally bowled me over that morning, and gave me the sense that everyone there in the almost filled cathedral , was my family , and Mike had come home. It was totally awesome. And, your overflowing messages sent to me and our family will remain with us forever.


I stand strong because of you. Asante sana. Merci beaucoup. Dieu borem korun.

Please accept my, and our children’s sincerest thanks for your magnificent show of love and caring for Mike and me and our family. Your names are forever written on our hearts.

Thank you for taking the time to grieve with us. Mike was a great guy, and he lived up to his namesake Michael the Archangel in more ways than he ever knew. Now he is in heaven with his namesake and all our deceased relatives and friends, in the loving arms of God. Bless him. We will try to emulate his example and bravely face the future as he would have wanted us to, as per his prayer card, attached below.

With sincerest heart, thank you once again. Keep in touch and don’t hesitate to visit any time.
God bless.
Love from me and our family.

Ps... please see the blog my brother Ben has made for me. I’m using this avenue to reach you all somehow.. see ... yvettedesouza-muise.



To the Muise family: we were all shocked and devastated to learn of Mike’s death and wish the family much comfort in the days head as they cope with this terrible loss. Mike was such an accomplished and unique person and his legacy lives on!
— Betty Stein

Our most sincere condolences to the Muise family. Always enjoyed chatting with Mike and sharing our common interest in Mathematics.
— Sandy & Evelyn MacEachern

Yvette My deepest condolences to you and yours during this difficult time. Sincerely, Nicky
— Nicky Callaghan (MacDonald)

We are saddened to hear of Mike's passing. We send sincere condolences and know you are in our thoughts and prayers. May God bless you and your family at this difficult time. The Phee Family.
— John, Sylvia, Chantal and Jordan Phee

Yvette and Family So sorry to hear of Mike’s sudden passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Laurie, Marilyn and Krista McLellan
— Marilyn (Hedges)

Mrs. Muise, I am so sorry to hear of your husband's death. It is a great loss for our community as a whole. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
— Karen Briand

My deepest condolences to your entire family. I often reflect with my friends how fortunate we were in antigonish to grow up with such dedicated teachers and role models and Mike Muise and Yvette were certainly that. I am so sorry for your loss. my love and sympathy to Yvette,Alexis, Anna Marie and Joseph.
— Meena Natarajan

Sincere condolences for your loss. Mike was an amazing, kind, smart, caring man with a great sense of humour. He always had a friendly smile and warm greeting. He was a great teacher.
— Joeanne (Mahoney) Thomson

Yvette, keeping you and your family in mind at this difficult time. Remembering the time we spent with Mike and you in Antigonish. Mike will be in my prayers. May his soul Rest in Peace.
— Flavia and Anthony de Souza

So sad to hear this news:( Mr. Muise was a great person and Math teacher. Sending all my love to his family. Xo
— Cathy MacGillivary

Mike was a fellow graduate of the class of `65 and a true Xaverian in the true sense of the word of the word. He always gave of himself to the benefit of others and lived the motto of his Alma Mater, "Whatsoever Things are True". Your dedication to your profession and life itself will remain in our hearts.
— Gordon Mac Donald

I am so sorry for your loss..A great teacher ...RIP
— Joan Macdonald

Dear Yvette I am saddened this early morning when I received your email about Mike’s demise ( my 2nd Dad). You and Mike gave me parental love, cuddled me like your own child . My sincere condolences to you and your family at this difficult time. May his soul Rest In Peace. Amen From Lukecoady Okafor & family Mississauga, Ontario
— Lukecoady Okafor

I have no strength to take this message. I dont know what to say as i taught violin to mike during my stay in Coady institute as a Diploma Student in 2014. while yvette coached out choir in coady mike would be there to assist and drive her. He was a part of us. I was hoping to see him again. All I can say to yvette is our thoughts are with you. We will pray our Lord Jesus Christ will grant you peace and strength to take this time. Be strengthened in the Lord Jesus. Lazarus the violinist from Chennai, 2014
— Lazarus George Udayakumar

Yvette I was so sad to hear of Mikes passing. I’ll never forget the care and compassion he showed to Laurie. He made your home welcome when I visited. I’m so sorry for your loss. Prayers to your family.
— Tara MacEachern-Dort

Dear Yvette, We were shocked and deeply saddened to hear news of Mike's sudden death. He was a fine man and we were privileged to have known him. Our sincere condolences to you and your family, dear Yvette. Simone is in Yarmouth County with her family following the death of her Mother this week, ten days shy of her 100th birthday and I have just returned home for work next week in Cape Breton and Eva's funeral on Wednesday, so regret that we will not be able to join you for Mike's funeral. Be assured that we will be thinking of you and you will be in our prayers. Phillip
— Phillip & Simone Cooper

Our condolences going to you, Yvette and Family. This news is heartbreaking. Antigonish and many others will experience such a huge loss. May God Bless you all!!
— Glenn & Marlie Gotell

My deepest condolences to everyone in the family. Mike's kindness touched so many people, and he's left the world a better place. Despite our hockey rivalry (every Bruins -vs- Habs game growing up was an opportunity to "argue" with Uncle Mike!), he always made everyone that visited feel welcome and part of the family. He'll be sorely missed. Rest in peace Uncle Mike.
— Christian Muise

My most sincere condolences for your loss.
— Lise Piggott

I send you my heartfelt condolences. I remember fondly Mr. Muise teaching Math way back in the late 70’s, a wonderful teacher and soul. God Bless.
— Diane MacIntyre

My sincere sympathy to you, Yogi & to all the family. Buzzy
— Wayne Connors

Jim (Chris & family) whom I know best) So sorry to hear about your Mike's sudden passing, he will rest in the arms of Our Good & Gracious Lord til we all meet again. Blessings to all. Bonnie
— Bonnie Peart

Dear Yvette, Alex, Anna, and Joe, I'm so sorry for your loss. Mike was always so kind to us when we were kids growing up on Chestnut Street. I remember fondly the beautiful yard he maintained, his impressive garden, and the outdoor rink he'd let us skate on. My thoughts and prayers go out to you all.
— Bernie MacDougall

We were so blessed to meet and know Mike. He was humble, generous, caring and kind. We will miss him, but know he is watching over us. We extend our deepest sympathies yo his family, but especially to Yvette. We pray they will find the courage, strength and acceptance to live through this great loss.
— Austin and Maria De Souza

Dear Yvette. L was very saddened to read of Mike’s recent passing. No one can ever replace a loving and devoted husband such as he was. However. L sincerely hope,that the strength of your faith and the love and support of your family and friends will help you navigate this difficult period.
— ann.cooke@bellaliant,net

Our deepest sympathy to you and family. May you receive comfort for yr loss which is not really easy. Mike was my teacher in Maths at the Goan High School. TC God Bless.
— Mr and Mrs Gil Vaz

Dear Yvette and the entire Muise family members: Accept my condolences and sympathies for Mike's passing onto eternal life. May Merciful God welcome him with arms wide open. I will remember Mike in my Mass tomorrow. May he rest in the Peace of Christ. Fr. Vincent Pereira.
— Rev. Vincent Pereira

I am so sorry to hear of Mike's death and know that he was so much loved by you all. My sincere condolences, Betty
— Betty Stein

Dearest Yvette We are shocked to hear about Mike's sudden passing. We will always keep him in our prayers. We will also pray for peace in your family as Mike went so suddenly. Please accept our heartfelt condolences. Love you Yvette and your family always.
— Joseph and Susan Lobo

Condolences to all the family. Trish and Mike Hassin
— Trish Hassin

Am saddened to read about this great loss of a wonderful family-man and teacher. Reading the obituary, I note with great interest that he taught for 2 years at the 'Sacred Heart School' (Formerly 'Mombasa Goan School). It is this aspect that caught my attention. I did not know Mike but am currently engaged in a self-initiative project entitled: 'Archiving Memories of Mombasa Goan School/Sacred Heart School'. The fact that he spent 2 years at the school, has endeared him to me, 'as one of ours'. Yvette, you and all the family are in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time for you. Will remember you all at Mass, tomorrow morning and on the day of the funeral in giving thanks for this beautiful, richly accomplished and God-fearing life. God Bless Marci Pereira 12 January 2020
— Marciano (Marci) Pereira

Jim: Read the obit for your brother. Donna and I pass along condolences to you and Chris and off course in our prayers.. It is always sad to lose a family member. Duke and Donna
— Francis and Donna Snyder

Over half a century has passed but I remember Michael Muise fondly. Being a student that was poor in Math I benefited tremendously from Mr Muise’s tutelage. That boost helped me in getting my B Sc in Chemistry with a minor in Physics. I wish I was able to personally thank him for my success
— Pascal Mascarenhas

Yvette, we are so sorry for the loss of such a wonderful husband and father. He was such a gentle and kind man. Mom and Dad are also grieving his loss; dad the loss of a special godson. They were always so grateful for your visits each time you came to New Waterford. You and Mike never forgot them. We are all very sad; and we hope all your special memories of Mike will comfort you during this very difficult time. All our Love and Prayers. xo
— Steve & Elaine Mac|Leod

My prayers and condolences during this difficult time and thank you for all your family has done for our community.
— Jean (Curry) MacKenzie

Dear Yvette and Family, John and I were so sorry to learn of Mike’s sudden passing. He was a dear colleague , who taught some of our children and always challenged. He will be missed. Sincere sympathy, John and Judy
— John and Judy Briand

I just read this and am deeply sorry. I pray to God to rests his soul and give you the strength to bear the pain salus (X-Mombasa)
— salus dsouza

I’m having trouble expressing my shock and sadness on the news of Mr. Muise’s passing. Although out of touch for many years, it appears that Mr. Muise’s guidance, coaching and teaching impacted me more than I knew. I pray you all will find comfort in the love of God and each other at this difficult time. Tim
— Tim Beck

Dear Yvette, Alex, Anna Marie and Joe, my deepest condolences for your profound loss. I was lucky to know your Dad not only as an exceptional math teacher who kept us all engaged, but as a kind, caring neighbour who looked out for all of us kids on Chestnut. From the tire swing to the ice rink, there was always something fun to do at your house. I will miss our chats each summer on Chestnut. He was so proud of all of you and his grandchildren. May you find comfort with each other during this extremely difficult time.
— Maria MacDougall

Dear Yvette, Our sincere condolences to you and all the family on the passing of Mike . I was your student at Star of the Sea. you may not remember me . I knew your sister Rhoda too. We Pray for you and all the family, May he RIP
— Maura De souza Abranches

deepest condolences from all our classmates he came to Kenya full of vim and vigor was loved by us all he appreciated the culture [ we taught him to play field hockey ]] married Yvette and into the goan diaspora have passed to all our class throughout the world HE WILL BE GREATLY MISSED !! MAY HE REST IN ETERNAL PEACE
— anthony d'souza

So sorry to hear of Mike’s death Peace Be With You and Your Family at this time. God Bless
— Hugh and Marilyn Webb

Our deepest condolences at this time of loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the Muise family. Good memories of pleasant visits to Antigonish. God bless.
— Jo-Anne & Ian Ferguson and family

Our deepest condolences on the passing of Mike. Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers. God bless you at this difficult time.
— Sharmaine &Mike Shea

Dear Muise family, I am so very sorry to hear that you have lost your dad, grandfather, and husband, and so suddenly. The tributes to him show how dearly he was loved by your family and friends, and how much he will be missed. Thinking of you all during this time and hoping you find comfort in each other and the memories you share. Sincere condolences, Karoline Fiedler
— Karoline Fiedler

Dear Yvette: Doug and I just read of your dear husband's sudden death and are so sorry; your lovely sharing described Mike so well; Doug and Mike were good friends when we lived in Ant.; you both have been role models on living a good life and have a beautiful family;although Mike's mortal body is no longer with you his spirit will never be absent; condolences, love and hugs and best wishes that the good memories will sustain you at this difficult time especially during the lonesome moment...very best my dear friend...xo Judy (Donovan Whitty) Jan. 13, 2020
— Judy and Doug Whitty

Rest in peace, Uncle Mike. Peace,condolences and strength to all in this difficult time. Always enjoyed our visits and talking sports and more.
— Rob Longley

I hold you and your family in my prayer and thank the Lord for Mike who was such a caring and devoted man to you all. Greetings also from all the Sisters and teachers who remember you fondly in Mombasa.
— Sr.Vivien D'souza ( Alice from Star of the Sea School)

Dear Grieving Yvette, Please accept my sincere sympathies on the demise of your dear husband, your soul mate, your mentor, a people’s person, an academician, you pride and close companion over the years. I met with you and Michael at our School Reunion and recollect how proud he was of you as he stood at your side,,sharing a bond of intimacy. It was indeed endearing. I know you must be grieving ,dear Yvette, do however, ponder over the blessings of togetterness you n Michael had, smile a while over the memories you shared and should a rear fall it will be one of joy. You have an caring family to stand by you, so you are never alone, remember his spirit is always by your side. I shall pray for you. In grief, Norma
— Norma Nunes e Henriques

From your work family Anna-Marie, our deepest condolences. Your father's values and spirit are endowed and present in you and your family and is a wonderful gift to have. Please know we are here for you and keeping you and your family in our thoughts.
— Mary-Ann Robinson

We are so saddened to hear of Mike’s sudden passing. Mike was a great friend, neighbor and coworker. He will be missed. Thinking of you all.
— Jim and Minna MacDonald

We are so sorry for your loss. Know that we are thinking of you all. Much love, Joe, Laura and Sammy
— Laura Stein

Yvette and family: very sorry for your loss. Mike was my Maths teacher at Sacred Heart HS, Msa and he was a good teacher. Both of you invited the whole class to your wedding !!! Mike taught us to play rounders (ok, softball) and we taught him field hockey and football(soccer). He once asked the class if we wanted to play a fun game and we said let's have a quiz. He gave us an exam. We never asked for a quiz again !! All my classmates would extend their condolences to you and your family. George (Jamhuri) PS:our condolences to Ann and Jerome.
— George Fernandes

Dear Yvette, Anna, Joe, and Alex, My deepest condolences for your loss. Mike made growing up on Chestnut St. all the better for us kids. I treasure those memories. Thinking of you all.
— Carla MacDougall

My and my family's most sincere condolences for Yvette, Aleixo, Anna Marie, Joe, and families, on the loss of Mike. I have many fond memories of Mike whether at the Muises' or at school, the rink, or the soccer pitch. He was a great caring force and kindhearted soul. A great father I am certain. Thanks Mike for raising a simply wonderful family with Yvette. Thinking very much Mike of you, your passion for teaching, the times on your incredible outdoor rinks in your sideyard, and the small but great and influential moments I shared with you. My love to you Aleixo, my great friend; to you and all.
— Stephen Duncan

Dearest Yvette and family, we are so sad to hear of Mike’s passing. Although it has been many years since I last saw him, I have such fond memories of the time we spent with you in Antigonish and especially remember Mike’s tremendous sense of humour!! Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time. Melanie de Souza and family xxx
— Melanie de Souza

On behalf of the van Thiel family especially my late Mom (Johanna) Our sincere condolences on the loss of your husband/father/grandfather. Mom always treasured the moments spent with Mike and family. She in turn shared these memories with us. My sisters as well spoke fondly of Mike as their teacher. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
— van Thiel Family

Very sad news Mike a true gentleman, well respected at Sacred Heart High by the staff and pupils who will remember Mike in Mombasa Our thoughts & prayers are with you all
— JoJo Mascarenhas

Dear Yvette and family, Sincerest sympathy on the passing of your beloved Mike. May all the fond memories of your lives together sustain you and help you find comfort and peace at this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
— Wendell & Keah Schurman

Very sorry to learn the death of your husband. I met him at the reunion in Toronto, Canada. Our prayers are with you for healing. Anthony Antao
— AnthonyAntao

My condolences to the entire Muise family. Hope you can cherish your memories and find hope and strength from each other as you mourn your loss.
— Scott Snapper (friend of Aleixo's in Boston)

Dear Muise family, my sincere condolences during this difficult time. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Sincerely, Jodie
— Jodie Ouahed

May our Lord bless and comfort you Yvette and your family during this time of grief. Please accept our condolences and may our prayers help comfort you. Sincerely, Andy and Petula
— Petula Pinto

Dear Yvette, Yogi and Joanie are thinking about you in this tough time. We will always cherish the great social evenings the four of us had together over the years. We look forward to consoling with you these next few days. You’re a beautiful family who deserve the best and we’ll be there with you during these tough times. Sincerely, Yogi and Joanie
— Yogi muise

So sorry to hear of the passing of Mike , F
— Elaine Mac Donald Vanberkel

In my few meetings with Mike he impressed me as a quiet, gentle soul who carried confidence in everything he did. He was a dedicated family member. My sincere condolences go out to Yvette and the rest of his family.
— Norman da Costa

My condolences to the Muise family. Very sorry to hear of your sudden loss. Wishing you strength and love during this difficult time.
— John Brumell

A wonderful tribute written to a great man. On behalf of some of the crew from Cape Breton (Mike's brother, nephews, nieces and extended family), we send all our love to all of you. Mike certainly left big shoes to fill. Until we see you all, to give hugs in person, please accept this message of love and strength. Stephen, Susan, Yogi, Joanie and Jody are en route to help everyone say a proper farewell to Mike. May he rest in peace. Much love to Yvette and family. -Sincerely, Jenn (Wife of Stephen Muise).
— Jenn Sheppard

Dear Yvette and Family. So very sad to hear about the sad loss of your Dearest Mike. We ask God to bless you all, as we pray for you all today, to guide you and protect you all as to bear the sad loss this way. His love is always with you, His promises are true, and we ask Him for His care. You will know He will help you through. Our deepest sympathy Ramina and Francis Gomes ( Ex Mombasa dear friends to Jerome and Ann)
— Francis & Ramina Gomes

Dear Aleixo and Family My deepest condolences to you and your family. Your Father sounded like an incredible person and words fall sort of expressing my sorrow. Our thoughts are with you all.
— Carmen Argmann

Dearest Yvette and family The sudden loss of our dear Mike brought such deep sadness for he was a loving & caring husband, father and Gr. Father Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and the family. . May His Soul Rest in Peace With love your cousin Suzie & Danny Pinto.
— Suzie & Danny Pinto

Dear Aleixo, I am so very sorry for your and your family's loss of your father much too soon. He must have been a truly beloved person, having touched so many lives in so many positive ways. May your memories of him and the precious time you spent together be a blessing to you all. Fondly, Leslie Grushkin-Lerner
— Leslie Grushkin-Lerner

Dear Yvette: I am really shocked to hear of the untimely passing on of Mike. I hope you still remember me from Mombasa days and the choir. May Mike's many memories help ease your sorrow at this time and May His Soul Rest in Peace. God Bless, Vicki D'Souza nee D'Costa, Francis D'Souza and Family Calgary, AB
— Vicki D'Souza

Dearest Yvette, My heartfelt condolences at the passing of the love of your life - Mike. Just read the notice in the Goan Voice. It's been a long time since we both met in Toronto. Have thought about you recently but had lost your contact info. Death has a way of bringing people together. Our prayers are with you at this difficult time. May you rise from your grief to enjoy the beautiful memories both you and Mike made . May Mike Rest in Peace . Blessings, Juliet & Ruben Rebello
— Juliet Rebello ( Braganza )

Dear Yvette, Alex and family - I was saddened to hear of Mike's passing when I heard the news from my mother earlier today. I have fond memories of Mike as a high school teacher and indeed of your entire family. My deepest sympathies to you all. - Justin
— Justin Kimball

Yvette, Joe and Family, Please accept my most sincere condolences on Mike’s sudden passing. I wish you strength in the days ahead. Rob Ives
— Rob Ives

Dearest Yvette Mike was truly one of the most loving, kindhearted, hardworking, caring person and to us was just one-in-a-million. We feel very privileged to have known him since 1968 during your honeymoon tour and over the past years spent some wonderful holidays with you both in Antigonish, Toronto, Goa and London during which time we got to know Mike, not just as a new family member or brother-in-law, but a true and sincere friend forever. We will always remember Mike in a truly positive way with his big smile and his big heart, having touched the hearts of so many people around him. You both have made beautiful memories together and we are sure this will be a great comfort to you and all the family. Mike was surely a gem of a person and will be missed for his goodness in life. May you find comfort in the love of family and friends during this sad time. Please accept our heartfelt sympathies. Benito & Betty De Souza
— Benny & Betty De Souza

Please accept our sincere condolences at Uncle Mike's passing. What an extraordinary life he lead and a legacy through his beautiful family that he left. He is with God - reunited and celebrating with Sophie, Joe, Mary, Theresa and Medric. God Bless Aunt Yvette and your beautiful family. xo
— Susan Carrigan

Dear Muise Family, Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers. May warm memories of Mike warm your hearts during this most difficult time. Sincerely, Paula Klassen
— Paula Klassen (nee: MacEachern)

Dear Alex, Yvette and family, So sorry to hear of Mike's passing. It's been over 30 years since I last sat in his class, yet I still have such clear memories... sitting on his stool, with yard stick in hand. A devoted teacher, and if you knew him at all, you knew he was very kind-hearted. My deepest sympathies to you all. -Craig
— Craig Davidson

Dear Yvette, I'm very sorry to hear of Mike's passing. My heartfelt sympathies to you and your family. Mike was a very good Maths teacher and was always there for us.I sometimes used to walk with him to church on Sunday, when he lived in Ganjoni. I was also in your choir. May his soul rest in peace. Take care. Rosie.
— Rosie de Lima

Dear Yvette and family. Hope you received our personal email. You all are in our thoughts and prayers. May he rests in peace in Our Lord's kingdom. With deep sympathies Benny & Celia.
— Benny &Cecilia Mascarenhas

Sincere condolences to your entire family.
— Meldrita (ILaurente) Viegas

Sorry for your loss, Mike and I both hailed from New Waterford, and both loved the teaching of Mathematics, , Sincere condolences, Charlie and Yvonne
— Charlie

Dear Aleixo On behalf of your dutch crew, our condolences and our deepest sympathies to you and your family! best, Edward
— Edward Nieuwenhuis

I'd like to send my condolences to your whole family. As a "regular" swimmer the past few years, not seeing Mike and having Mike be such a gentlemen always going out of his way to get me a flutter board :) even after his knee replacement, and me being in my late 20's ! The small things never go without notices and are the things you think off when they are no longer there. Will often think of Mike for inspiration and encouragement. Thank you for your detailed write up on Mike , I really did love reading his story . My thoughts are with you
— Megan Crawford

Saddened to hear Mike Muise is no longer with us. He was my Math teacher at SHHS, Mombasa 1966/67 and enjoyed his class. Will never forget how he made me come to the blackboard and explain geometry when I was the only one who knew the answer! RIP
— Brenda Menezes Abranches

— melba faria Dias