Saluting Some Old Friends from Zanzibar

Dear Arnold,

I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m daring to reply to your lovely email to all of us in SJCSZ regarding the 2005 Reunion....a grand affair that was organized by none other than yourself and your wonderful team, if I’m not mistaken. Mike and I attended that lovely Reunion in Toronto. A rare treat, meeting up with so many friends and family from St. Joseph’s Convent School Zanzibar after so many years. I was so honoured to have had the privilege of arranging the Reunion Mass that Sunday morning, and the one in Goa as well in 2008. What blessings!

I empathize with you when you say you get emotional editing the videos. ‘Emotional’ is a good bespeaks of a wonderful, caring heart your dearest parents Arti and Pop Mendes left you and your siblings with. They were wonderful people, your parents, and everyone who knew them, loved them too. And, everyone knew how much they loved their children. ....Equally, friends and relatives who now reside in heaven. Bless them all.

I hear your expression of the word,  ‘emotional’ , because I too am afflicted with that state of being emotional, short of sentimental , as I too have experienced a terrible loss. Mike suddenly, went to heaven on 9th January 2020, due to a massive heart attack, leaving behind many broken hearts. He loved me, my family, and my Goan community. Mike was a Canadian of French extraction. We met in Mombasa, Kenya, and had fifty two wonderful years together, here in Canada. It’s our memories and photos and videos and our three children and their families including our six grandchildren that sustain me and help me cope on my solo flight since 2020. Will our broken hearts ever be mended? Thus I understand ‘emotional’ too....and e’en as I hold dear to my heart the memories of the wonderful folks it was my privilege to know in once upon a time Unguja.

You too have wonderful memories, and recorded video ones too, to sustain you and your siblings....memories of unforgettable days in Zanzibar and in Canada too. Cherish them with all your heart. Arti and Pop have you covered from heaven. They, together with my Mum and Dad, in the presence of all our beloved departed, are wowing the angels in heaven with their tango moves par excellence, as Mike too must be in awe, watching them dance , perhaps even learning from them to dance the tango, Argentinian or Portuguese preparation for a big reunion in heaven, someday....just like the GI dances we once had in Zanzibar and beyond. Right?

So , until then, cheer up, just as I am trying my best to do, despite the Covid-19 restrictions. Cheer up also, all fellow Zanzibaries who have lost loved ones this past year, and earlier, as we turn every tear into a prayer for our beloved departed. My heart is with you All.

Songs of the day:- DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY! SMILE. .PRETEND ..for “ A SCHOOL THERE IS WHOSE GIRLS AND BOYS ARE HAPPY AS CAN BE....” let’s sing it together right now. Ha.

Po-le , na salaams. Dieu borem korun.
God bless and much love to All.
Yvette ........... de Souza-Muise 

Just to remind you who we are.....from the 2005 Reunion in talking during a photo shot. Ha.


And this....SJCSZ Reunion in Goa....2008 at the Palmarinha in Calangute.


You’ll know these siblings?.... Mike took this picture.


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On May 28, 2021, at 9:17 AM, 'Arnold Mendes' via SJCSZanzibar <> wrote:

Dear friends of SJCZ
I would like to thank all those who Emailed me with positive comments
of my video postings. I have received many and I will reply to you all soon.
My next posting soon will be the SJC reunion in Toronto in 2005. I get emotional
when I am editing these videos especially when I see  so many of my friends who have 
passed away not forgetting my Mum and Dad
Enjoy the videos soon
Arnold Mendes