Amazing Muise Family New Posting

Thanks for sharing Yvette. I could not help but release without your permission.
Love brother Benito

Yvette Muise – 17 November 2020

To Mikaela, Ann, David, Aleixo Muise, Debra, Joe, Kelly and Betty

My dearest Mikaela, and My dearest Family and Friends,

Greetings from my solo flight of astronomical proportions which are sometimes filled with wonderful bursts of Light to fill my heart with immense joy and love that blow away the dark clouds of isolation and C-19 proportions since January.

So …. Here I am again, on this joyous day.... a-sharing my thoughts and felicitations with all of you.

Writing! Introductions! And more introductions, my companions on my solo flight. Ha! Hello.

Here I am again with another introduction which I am sending along with many greetings and blessings. This is turning out to be a wonderful November 2020. Thank you, God.

I am delighted to introduce my granddaughter Mikaela Lewis, daughter of our Anna Marie and David.

BUT FIRST OF ALL “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKAELA WITH ALL MY LOVE and from Grand pa Mike in heaven, I’m sure. ”

So, everybody,
Meet my granddaughter Mikaela who is turning 17 today.

 What a milestone, given that our darling first grandchild was born three months too soon, and weighed under two pounds at birth.  I remember clearly the SOS call from David, her Dad, who informed us, seventeen years ago, that Anna Marie
was in the hospital and that her baby who was due in February was on her way that day, the 17th, in November. Mike and I rushed to Ottawa the very next day and were there to see the tiniest baby I had ever seen when David took me to the neo-natal room, where I saw this tiny little girl’s heart beating on the monitor, so perfectly, prompting me to say :’ Her heartbeat is better than mine ‘... and the nurses looked at each other as if to say ‘ we’ve got a nut-case on our hands.’... as I put my hand on Mikaela’s incubator and begged God to protect our baby and keep her safe in His loving hands. I was positive that God would hear my prayer, and He did. Mikaela is indeed our second miracle baby. I know, and I also believe in miracles.

And, when I got back to Anna Marie’s room, I told her not to worry, saying ‘Don’t worry Anna Marie, your baby is going to be just fine. ‘My very concerned and loving doctor-son Aleixo then took me out of the room and very professionally told me that I shouldn’t say such things to Anna Marie because it was a very critical situation, and that anything could happen during the night, to which I replied, ‘Don’t worry Aleixo. I have a direct line to heaven, and all will be well.’....he shook his head in a quandary, thinking his mother had lost it.

Well, here we are seventeen years later, and our darling ‘premier‘ is , thanks to heaven’s intervention, a beautiful young lady in grade 12 excelling in all her studies as she gets ready for University in 2021, with pondering thoughts of pursuing philosophy, or English Lit, or Law.??? ...and she’s much taller than I am for sure. ‘Thank you, God for your wonderful goodness to us.’  HOW GREAT THOU ART! .... for sure.

Mik is my darling miracle baby too. Here, I’ll share something special with you, I had a special name for Mike. I used to call him, Miktu. When Mikaela , as a three year old heard this story, she said she wanted to be called Miktu as well. We compromised and she settled for Mik 1 .... a name she proudly carries with love and pride for her grandpa Mike Miktu/2. How we miss him, especially on days like today.

Now, I’ll tell you a little more about Mikaela … who a few years ago, came alone, twice, to visit us for her summer holidays, ahead of her family. During that time, I taught her to knit. She was a keen student e’en as she reminded me of myself when I was a little girl. She went on to knit beautiful blanket throws as gifts. Then, last year, I taught her to knit with four needles and got her started on knitting socks. She excelled in this too and now makes socks for everybody’s birthdays. I am so proud of her.

Besides her knitting and studious endeavours, Mikaela is also an avid canoeist and has qualified to become a camp leader as well. Her experiences as a soccer player, and a dramatist, and poet [she writes lovely poems and has recited a few of them in school] , over and above her beautiful voice with perfect pitch.... [you should have heard her rendition of You Raise Me Up , when she was not yet five....exquisite!...] wish that I had recorded all her songs and beautiful stories she created as a little girl … all of which, me thinks, make her an ideal leader, and even perhaps an exceptional ‘teacher ‘someday? Perhaps. Perhaps. Perhaps.


This from me and also Miktu/2 in heaven.... I’m so proud and happy to be sharing this with all of you my dearest Family and Friends. God bless.

All my love today and always.


Enclosed are some pictures of interest.


 Mikaela’s first knitting project.

Knitting with four needles needs concentration.


An avid canoeist.


All action avid canoeist.

Happy-go-lucky knitter of beautiful socks.

Mikaela recites her poem on stage.