Remembering St. Joseph's Zanzibar

JUST IN: Under Beating Rain, Pope Privately Entrusts World to Blessed Mother by Rome’s Spanish Steps

My dearest Hazel, et All, 
Greetings from God’s Country Nova Scotia. Hope all’s well with you. ‘  Ham jambo wote. ‘

We are on the verge of entering March, St . Joseph’s feast day of 19th March 2021 looming large in our minds , especially because Pope Francis has named this year the year of St. Joseph. 

Joe and Genny’s wedding picture taken below the statue of our St. Joseph at our Cathedral in Zanzibar is indeed a beautiful picture. Many blessings to them. Ah, St. Joseph’s , Unguja.

I had written to Joe, your brother, last December...2020, in response to his note about St. Joseph, which I am enclosing herewith, pictures and all. I remember reminiscing about all the Joseph’s in my life, especially as Mike’s first name was Joseph. His father was Joe Muise. His first cousin and God-father is Joe Muise, and our son is Joseph Michael Muise. You too have a bunch of Joseph’s in your life, my dear friend. I was glad to read your reminisces as well. We seem to have a lot in common, you and I.

So, let us salute our beloved St. Joseph, spouse of Mary, and foster-father of Jesus, and our patron saint as well via Zanzibar. All who attended St. Joseph’s Convent School in Zanzibar have been especially blest e’n as they are spread around the world. I am in awe of all our Zanzibari schoolmates as I read about their, and their children’s many successes and achievements, both near and far. Bless them.

I’ll close with ..... ‘ Viva St. Joseph., foster-father of Jesus. Be my foster-father too, especially now, as I fly solo through the clouds of time. Keep me and all Zanzibaries safe under your wing, and bless all those who are now with the Lord. May 2021 be the best year ever. Love you.’

With this I’ll say, ‘Kwaherini na salama.’ God bless.

Love and blessings.

From: Yvette Muise <>
Date: December 9, 2020 at 10:50:40 AM AST
To: J

Subject: Re: JUST IN: Under Beating Rain, Pope Privately Entrusts World to Blessed Mother by Rome’s Spanish Steps

Dear Joe,.... st. Joseph,

So lovely hearing from you with this beautiful news, and also yours, and all those named ‘st. Joseph,’..... affirmation to pray and bestow extra goodnesses on all of us. What a lovely gift!

 St. Joseph , with a ‘S’ is surely proud of you. I think that All Josephs have a special affinity with St. Joseph. Mike’s first name was Joseph, as was his father’s,  and his maternal uncle/and godfather’s.... and I have a son Joseph who lives in your neck of the woods. I am honoured to be included in your mailing . I am blest too by being surrounded by so many Josephs. You do have a very special name.

I’m trusting in your promise, as I journey on my solo flight, for I could do with prayers and extra goodnesses. Thank you with all my heart. I’m sure Mike too is smiling down on you from heaven. He was your teacher once upon a time in far away Africa, and he was so delighted to have met you again in Canada and in Goa. He loved his stint in Mombasa and he loved his students too. Your message tells me that you and the rest of his students together with your teacher had/have a special mind-set on being so very wonderful.

Much love and blessings to you and your family, my dearest friend Hazel’s little brother, ‘st.‘ Joe. Remember to always stay true to your calling by virtue of your name.đŸ™‚ Your e-mail is a testament to that. 

Asante sana na salaams.

God bless.

Ps... a special sharing with you....from 1968.....y

Mike invited his entire Sacred Heart class to our wedding, as did I from the Star of the Sea. Perhaps you were there too? 85 children attended and made it a Fairy Tale wedding....made our day.

On Dec 8, 2020, at 7:10 PM, J Pinto wrote:

Great news! 

All the st. Josephs in this family (notice I used a small s) will pray for all of you and bestow extra goodnesses upon you in the coming year! ;-)


  It rained confetti from the get-go.... at church and at the G.I.

Mike’s students carried us out to the car into the car booth.

The aisle was lined with our students from the door to the altar... rose petals galore.

Re: St. Joseph

Hi Hazel, and Loretta, 

Greetings from God’s Country, Nova Scotia, as they say in Cape Breton. 
[And greetings to all receiving this e-mail.]

Thank you for keeping me in the loop. Lovely hearing from my dearest friends who are so  precious and caring. .... St. Joseph’s foster children for sure. Thank you too for the beautiful prayer to St. Joseph, Loretta. We surely are blest, under his wing. How lucky we were to have been students and parishioners of St. Joseph’s in Zanzibar, and judging by the wonderful stories of achievement of our fellow-students from around the world, I can safely and proudly say Cudos to St. Joseph’s Zanzibar.... and ‘thank you St. Joseph.’
Stay safe, all of you. 
2021 is going to end well with St. Joseph’s help I’m sure. The Holy Spirit inspired Pope Francis to declare 2021 The Year of St. Joseph, for a special reason, ie., me thinks, as destroyer of COVID-19, just as He sent Moses to rescue the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, in biblical times. The world has been taken hostage by this pandemic, so God is sending in His cavalry via St. Joseph who will do the same for us all, our families, and the entire  world. I have a good feeling about this. 
In the meantime let us say the prayer to St. Joseph in hope and love , support and thanksgiving, through Mary and Jesus, that this pandemic will be eliminated forever. I’m calling on all the Josephs I know, on earth and in heaven,  to join St. Joseph in this rally, in supporting his efforts as well. Let us all , too,  join the rally.

Take care, my dearest friends, and God bless.
Stay positive. Keep in touch.
Much love and blessings.

May we all share in the glory of celebration    and insights  - to come as to how    GREAT a   Patron Saint -  Guardian Protector 

in a time of  trial  and profund change-   - He is in the eyes of God in the Truth about  Jesus our Lord.  and Mary 

                    On Monday, March 1, 2021, 04:39:31 AM EST, Loretta wrote:                
March is the month of St. Joseph. Pope Francis has dedicated 2021 the year for
St. Joseph.

We all have been privileged to
be educated at St. Joseph’s Convent School in Zanzibar. We all also professed our faith at the St. Joseph’s Cathedral  which was constructed  by the guidance of the French missionaries and built in the
style of the Marseille Cathedral

Our nearest and dearest hail the name  JOSEPH !!  So what more can we ask for?

Next email to follow...,